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Our First Dance.

I cannot look into your eyes, because I know the tears would start flowing endlessly, and I couldn't help myself, even when we are dancing among many people, while some others have dinner. The best is to sink my face into your neck, and get lost in your scent. Your hands are shaking, and sweating. I know how nervous you are, but still you are brave enough to stand with me and try to dance... my mind is empty except for the words I softly whisper into your right ear "happy anniversary. I love you". You hold my waist tighter, and closer to your body, and suddenly everyone else disappears. We are alone again in our tunnel, and everything is perfect, we move with the music, and I can feel your heart beating so hard it is almost in my own chest.
sweetmeisje sweetmeisje 26-30, F Nov 11, 2010

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