Let Everything Go While Dancing

I love to let the music run thru my body. I have always loved to dance, when I was younger I took all the dance classes that school offered. I actually one the dance competion at school 4 years in a row, regionals 2 year in a row. I never went to the state competion because my mother never would bring me. I still dance in private though. I used to love to perfrom in front of a crowd, but now I have the fear of it. I guess I am insecure about myself. Who would really want to watch a girl like me dance? Anyways, dancing always made me feel like there was nothing that could touch me in that moment, it lets me express my emotions thru movements. I will never stop dancing...
imperfectbeauty imperfectbeauty
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3 Responses Apr 22, 2012

You say you still dance in private... if a close friend of yours shared that same interest, and you were alone with her, would you let her be your partner... just the two of you, dancing together, with no one else's prying eyes watching you... if she does, TELL HER THIS! It may be a way to bring you and her closer together... which is what you need at this point...

Yes, to dance is the best way to flow free……….

Actually... I find that when I do things in front of an audience... it's the best natural high I've ever had!