Dancing Is Everything

I've been dancing for roughly 8 years now and i love it!  People think it odd when they find out but i don't care!  I love being able to stand there and hear a song and be able to know what moves would go with it.  I always find myself doing some form of dance, even if it just waiting for the kettle to boil!
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3 Responses Dec 20, 2006

dancing is one of the koolest things in the world

Yes :) Dance is awesome and I know what you mean about people and their comments. Sometimes I think it is just because their lives are so constructed (they don't loosen up in any respect) that when they hear of people just doing things they love they get all wierd about it. Good for you to just keep on dancing and not care what people say or think. You only live once!

I know what you mean! I took 10 years of ballet as a kid, and am now learning ballroom dancing as well. I love knowing the actual dance moves, but am not above just rocking out to the music if it doesn't fit a specific dance beat.