Crazy For Dancing

i can't helped but to dance if i get the chance to dance. if i hear music my body moves automatically, i loved dancing since i was child, its in my blood though i never been to dancing school but dancing comes to me naturally.

i really would like to learn latin dance, i can dance most of hip hop dancing, but i love Latin dance its so sexy and i love watching it. dancing make me happy, i feel free when i m dancing i feel like a flying bird.
luckyboy20 luckyboy20
26-30, M
1 Response Sep 21, 2012

Well said. After I retired, had a grand kid come over once a week. One grand daughter started come at 18 months. When had music playing, she would be moving with the music, and on time. Think we all start out with being moved by music. Play in a band, and once a month, we play at an assisted living or nursing home. When we play, especially some fast irish jig, get lots of movement, and always someone up dancing around. What happened to the people who don't, or won't dance. Think they would be must better off if they did.

i think so, dancing feels great.