Dance Is Like A Relationship

I have been dancing for the past thirteen years and have been proud of every year. I feel like dance is a form of expression and helps to reduce my stress and make me feel proud of my body. I like saying that I have sculpted every muscle on my body through sweat and pure determination. Three years ago I was dancing everyday and I started to hate it. Instead of looking forward to let emotions out everyday in class, I was thinking about how I didn't want to go to class. That year I was a mess because I didn't have an outlet for my stress and emotions. But currently I have switched studios and have been dancing two days a week. That was a huge transition for me from everyday to two days a week; but I am happy I made the switch. I have never been happier.
Looking back on my wonderful thirteen years I see points in my life where I was angry at dance because I could not achieve a step and will never be flexable. I remember when I was very enthusiastic about dance being given a solo or nailing a new step. Nothing compares to that moment when I land a new move and I feel the movement click in my body. Lastly I recall a time when I was upset with dance. I have hit numerous walls and movements that did not work with my body. In the end I feel like dance and me will always be in a relationship.
PostalLuck PostalLuck
22-25, F
Dec 11, 2012