Miss Dancing

i had a best friend who loved to dance just like i do, and on any given weekend we would go out and just dance our legs off. it feels so good to move to a great song, you just lose yourself in the music and let go...it also doesnt hurt when alot of attention is being paid!!! we are no longer freinds so there goes my dancing partner. my boyfriend hates to dance, and i haven't found another girl friend to go dancing with.  not the greatest tragedy in the world, but it was fun.....
prettyinpink prettyinpink
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3 Responses Jul 9, 2007

why dont u make up with ur old frd? Life is very short if u want to keep ur anger and all how long will it start.. eventually we all hav to die. soo if she dies next day know u would feel like if she would hav bn alive we could hav gone dancing once more... soo its better nt to feel like that.. Frdship and all breaks in a silly matter when one is able to forgive evrything its reunited. <br />
in my opinion u should go to and start mingling with each other and go out and dance ..<br />
If dance is ur true bond then try to call her for that reason perphaps it might work..

i say crank the tunes at home and dance to your heart's delight! that's what i used to do when my body would do those things... i loved it and miss it terribly. but until you find another 'partner' to 'get down' with ... put on some boxers, a baby Tee and crank the tunes your house! shake it, shake it!

I know how you feel: it's no fun to go dancing alone, but worse when you drag someone along who doesn't want to be there.