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Dancing Makes Me Feel Good



 I love to dance, I always have. When I go dancing, I wear the sexiest outfit that I can put together. When I dance, even though I know that others eyes will be on me, I dance for myself. I dance for my partner. I want my partner to feel special. I want the entire crowd of people that are watching that dance floor to know that nothing and no one else means anything at that moment. Just the dance.  When I get out on that floor, it is my dance partners eyes that I focus on. The way we dance gives me an idea of what we will share later. I wish that I could dance more. I miss it when I am not dancing. I really love to dance.


CreatingScandal CreatingScandal 31-35, F 3 Responses Dec 27, 2008

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Creating Scandal, If you ever need a dance partner let me know. I love to dance.

mee to!! I love dancing sooo mmuch!

Dancing was what I used to look forward to when I was young and went out on weekends. I can remember dancing until the placed closed and then you ate breakfast and drank coffee till 6 am. Dancing when I was a kid was the disco era. Yes don't laugh, I wore a leisure suit. I tried to be John Travolta look-alike. Needless to say I didn't make it to Saturday Night Fever but had a ball trying to get there. Dancing relaxed me and made me feel good. I was an average guy and I was fortunate to have ladies always wanting to dance with me. I danced, made some great friends, and had a good time. I'm sure disco will come back someday, everything rotates in life, and for those of you who never tried disco, what the heck go for it. Have fun and enjoy.<br />
I have to agree with you dancing is great. Wish I had a partner who would like to dance. I think I would start again.