Dancing Makes Me Feel Good



 I love to dance, I always have. When I go dancing, I wear the sexiest outfit that I can put together. When I dance, even though I know that others eyes will be on me, I dance for myself. I dance for my partner. I want my partner to feel special. I want the entire crowd of people that are watching that dance floor to know that nothing and no one else means anything at that moment. Just the dance.  When I get out on that floor, it is my dance partners eyes that I focus on. The way we dance gives me an idea of what we will share later. I wish that I could dance more. I miss it when I am not dancing. I really love to dance.


CreatingScandal CreatingScandal
31-35, F
2 Responses Dec 27, 2008

Creating Scandal, If you ever need a dance partner let me know. I love to dance.

mee to!! I love dancing sooo mmuch!