Dance is like therapy to me.  It is the constant in my life that can always make me feel better.  Dancing in a group is kind of like mindless chanting.  You feel connected in something bigger than yourself.  The great side affect of that is that you can also lose all your personal worries and just disappear.  It has helped me through the rough times like an old friend.  There is also the endorphins that come from constant activity, the interesting environments, and the people watching.  I close my eyes a lot and just feel the environment with the other senses.  Nothing else can make me that peaceful.  I am completely content and happy in that moment.  It seems odd, but I don't really feel like someone knows me until they have seen me dance. 

I had always danced as a kid but the first time I went to a club I was 16.  It was one of those under age clubs, but I thought it was magical.  It was dark and had black boxes with glow in the dark paint splattered everywhere.  It was completely packed and the music was really great techno.  The feel of bodies all around and all sounds being drowned out.  You can feel the music vibrating your organs.  Wonderful.  I was hooked.  Whenever I move I always look up the dance clubs first.   I would drag my brother with me to the underage clubs.  He is completely not a dancer, but he never complained too loudly.  Exept this one time that I made him dance with me on an outside stage to Depeche Mode at midnight.  My senior year I met this gay woman at work and we started going to gay bars to dance.  When I look back on it I wonder why didn't they card back then?  Then again I never drank when I was there.  I still don't drink much when I go dancing.  The gay clubs introduced a whole new world of incredible music.  I try to go to clubs at least twice a month, keeps me sane.  I try to get there when they first open.  It is easier to really dance when the floor isn't packed to sardines yet.  I dance at work in the wee hours of the morning when no one else is around.  I should go and do a story about how much I love my job now.


Krypton Krypton
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2009

wow, Gin&cigs hit it right on the head.

Oh, Of course you have. Just remember, no one is looking at you. They are all too busy worrying if someone is looking at them. :)