This is the only place in my life I feel totally free. For all my 18 years, my life has been a bit rocky, mostly when I was really young, and if you read any of my other stories you'll discover that I live my life or have made life choices not really in keeping with the Jones. That is to say I'm not trying to be anyone else and I understand there are a lot of people who may not like who I am.

Now on stage is different. There everybody claps for me, applauds, they find me in the corridors after or back stage and tell me how beautiful I looked and what a joy I was to watch. I always think, if you only knew the real me. But the real me is a dancer too.

I've been dancing since I was in diapers and first learned to walk. If music was playing, I was bouncing to it. Then my mom put me in classes, beginners ballet. I was so proud of my pink leotard and tights. Dance became the only real normal in my life and I did well and went on to become a competitive dancer with a couple of different studios. I dance ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, and my favourite, lyrical. People say when they watch my lyricals it brings tears to their eyes. I think when your life has not been perfect you can bring a lot of that emotion to your dance and that is where dancers can excel.

Who knows, maybe one day you all will see me on "So You Think You Can Dance". I just haven't been old enough to audition yet. My best claim to fame so far, I danced two different years as a child in the National Ballet of Canada's Nutcracker performance.

This is one thing I actually do really well, the best thing I do actually, the thing I always want to keep pure and the thing I am most proud of. For all my screwed up past and current life choices, when I change into a costume, or tie up pointe shoes, or put my feet in a tray of resin and shake out my legs just before going on stage, and when I stand out there and the lights come up, then I am beautiful and powerful and fulfilled.
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Tremendous ! Dance on ballerina XD

Excellent !