Dance Is My Life

I dance all the time. It's my life and there is absolutely no reason for me not to dance:

I dance to keep myself busy

I dance when I'm bored

I dance for exercise

I dance to take my mind off things

Dancing relieves me stress. I don't know what I'd do without it. When there's a problem I just dance myself to sleep until it goes away. When I'm dancing there's nothing else in the world except the music and my feet guiding me through every step of the way...

freedomallgone freedomallgone
18-21, F
7 Responses Jan 6, 2010

Yes--dance is very healing! I hope your cancer is all gone, gryfnn!

I took a ballet class at the University of Santa Clara --when I was recovering from cancer...It was wonderful!! My 92 year old Auntie called me the other day--her main message was, "keep on dancing." Indeed ----dance through life--it has a healing effect----and no matter how you feel--dancing will be a perfect way to express it.

I agree, freedomallgone! In my "bar days" a good night was defined by the length of time on the dance floor. I even danced on the platforms! I love dancing! Music is the best thing! Have you ever taken a music appreciation class? If not, I strongly recommend it. You'll get exposed to even more genres! Of course, it was the most expensive class I ever took! I would get out of class and at 9:45 at night, I'd head straight for Tower Records and buy the music we learned about that night.

thanks for the comments guys. i scare people a lot by just being myself lol!!! and i always get lost in the music. music is great its the best thing ever (besides dancing) xx

i dnt dance but i love music. i listen to it almost constantly

Freedom, you can definitely dance away the blues! I forget all my troubles just getting lost in the music.

I'm picturing a lump of covers wiggling around in center of the bed, as you try to nod off! *giggling!* Careful, you could scare someone with all that dancing! :D