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I have ADD and as a kid I was often very hyper.  I started taking dance classes at the age of four because it was a way for me to use up my extra energy while simultaneously having a ton of fun.  I found that I really enjoyed dancing and I never stopped.  I have taken ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and even ballroom.  I performed in many dance recitals as a kid.  I am also a big theater geek.  In high school I joined the theater club and got myself into the Thespian sosiety.  I went to a sleepaway camp for special needs children four summers in a row.  Every summer they put on a musical and I was always in it.  I never had a very big part but it didn't really matter just being a part of it was fun for me.  When we auditioned they would always ask us what we would like to do for the show (i.e. acting, singing, dancing , playing a certain instrument).  I generally said that I would be happy with any part I was given but I would prefer to be on stage instead of behind the scenes.  One year they were doing King and I.  I decided to give my usual response but I also mentioned the fact that I danced.  They created a special part "king's royal court performers" and there were nine or ten of us but I got to work with another girl as the leads of the group.  I got a mini solo in the middle of one of the group performances and she got a whole song solo.  She was definately better then me.  Then when I went to my first college I was on the dance team.  That was a lot of fun.  I was pretty impressed with the solo I coreographed for my audition since it was definatly a little different.  Currently I take ballroom classes at my current school with my boyfriend.  At the end of each semester there is a ball and we have done some interesting performances.  We did a swing, a hustle, a chacha and our next performance will be a waltz.

Sorry for rambling sometimes it's hard to shut me up once I start talking. I also hope I didn't get too far off topic.

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I hope he enjoys it. I always find that it's good to have a fun activity to channel your energy into.

Hi~You don't hear of many females (I don't know of any) with ADD. I also think I have ADD/female...need to get checked. My 12 yr. old son has ADD so I see a lot of traits that I have in him...I don't have the hyper part most of the time. I have other illnesses that slow me down...but the attention focus thing is definitely there for me. Very hard for my husband to understand. Anyway, loved your story as dancing is my favorite outlet! I have only done dancing in clubs/alone. My parents don't know or never knew I had attention issues so was never involved in activities. I'm hoping to get my son involved in theater/acting. I'm hoping it will be something he enjoys.