Dance, Dance, Dance Like Nobody’s Watching You

I don’t really care what people think if I randomly burst out dancing. =) I’m not a pro: I haven’t been for lessons, I don’t watch dance movies and I have two left feet, but who cares?

I love being at a concert and when a energetic and lively song comes up, my friends and I just start jumping up and down, shake our heads, lift our hands in the air and move our body in time with the music. Then, there’ll come a song on where you just sway from side to side, wave your hands gently side to side in the air and where we’d take each others hands and slowly dance.

It’s a great way of getting rid of energy or just being spontaneous! If you hear music and suddenly your heart beats to the music’s rhythm, dance away! Just do it! Sing along, get it wrong, get it right, put your hands up in the air, clap your hands, shake your head and move your body!

Floydess Floydess 18-21, F 16 Responses Feb 21, 2010

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The one wherein I was apparently jealous. *giggles at the "OVERLY"*

You, or me? =/

I meant Panny. =P

what PM's description is that? *doesn't remember anything OVERLY embarrassing therein*

*giggles* trapped eh?

but, but. . . I'm so naturally nunu - how can anyone else help but call me so? *nununess*

*blushes deep blue, shall I bring in our PM's description of you? =P*


Better than you think. =P

*giggle-giggle, snort-snort* Only I am allowed to call you that, okay. =P

I'll take that as a yes! *sweeps floydess out onto the dance floor*

*giggles* I believe it. . .

Everything I ever do is a trap. . . you should know that by now. :D

>:( only to you. . .

*blush-blush* Well....

Lol, oops, I do! XD You might be leading me into some kind of... trap....

*chuckle-chuckle, hugs you because you look and sound so nunu doing that*

Of course you will! *charming smile* wanna try?

you usually don't laugh or make mistakes in line dancing - which is why contra dancing is that much better :) Sacrificed? What does that have to do with anything? O.o

*growls at name

That was SO blowing your own trumpet! *giggle-giggle* Maybe I'll appear sexy in your arms. ;)

You may laugh in line dancing? Mmm, interesting. But this isn't because you're trying to get me to be sacrificed, right?

Isn't it, Panny? *giggle-giggle, flutters eyelids*

*looks at indignant look on face and bursts out laughing* and proud of it :D

roughly - contra-dancing is more homely or folkish than even that - you're allowed to make mistakes and laugh :)

well put charmy :)


Like, line dancing?

*smiles* That's, rather true.... =]

when your twirling in my arms maybe a little bit of my sexiness will rub off on you . . .

it's very fun - it's a group dance, where you go in prearranged patterns - a sort of folk dance. :)

I do get up, but... when i start twirling, I look even more horrendous than usual....

Contra-dancing? What's that?

I have yet to see ANYONE - who once they actually get up and dance aren't beautifully doing so. :P

Contra-dancing maybe. . . but not where I'm going to drag you out to ;)

Well, I can...'t... in any decent style....

If you do, that by definition means you can - it is physically possible. :D

I do. That doesn't mean I CAN....

so you CAN dance. . .