Dancing Is Sexy. And It Helps Us Get Sexier.

...sometimes, it even makes us FEEL sexy. =)

Best of all, I love that it releases my pent up frustration, and I can always let loose with the music.

As they said, dance like nobody's watching... not all the time. It's fun being watched, too =)

sodancewithme sodancewithme
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4 Responses Feb 22, 2010

I've been picking up tango recently, and while I'm not confident enough yet to want to be watched (people would be witness to a lot of tripping and giggling!), I can definitely imagine that someday, the performance aspect will kick in. :)

I love to dance--always have--must admit-slow dancing doesn't happen to often--but I am looking forward to changing that---soon.

I love to dance in the den with my wife ... nobody is watching and she's fun. In public, she always says she's no good at dancing - but she's wrong - we may not be stylish but fun is fun!

i can only dance when know one is watching. what does that make me?

@clarkee I belive that makes you a shy dancer but you may be able to over come that by dancing with a partner that enjoys dancing as much as you do.