Dance Away

I'm not the type that starts shaking as soon as there's a chance for it, but when I hear my favorite music I can hardly stand still.  I love rhythm and when it's good It makes me dance.


In a disco or at a party, I need some mental warming-up before I show my talents on the floor.  Once the barrier is broken and my inhibitions defeated, I can dance all night long, especially when the music is fine and the girls are pretty. 


Dancing can be ecstatic and intoxicating.  Dancing is living twice.

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8 Responses Mar 2, 2010

lmao, Sylphie!

Good! That's a start. Then just hop out of there and do it when you go out on the dance floor.....Oh! Don't forget to put on clothes though. ;)

that's no problem

It sure does!!! lol<br />
Gotta jiggle though while singing... ;)

i also sing in the bathroom. does that count?

But it is easy, More...just let loose...*Sylph starts bopping*...c'mon, More...don't mind what's around soon as you hear and feel the music......just shake it! ;)

easy for you to say, Sylph...

Just dance, More...<br />
<br />
Forget about barriers and mental warm-ups.<br />
<br />
Just dance... ;)