Best Fun ...

I've always loved it.  I can remember parties when I was a small child in the 1960s learning The Twist and The Mashed Potato!  My older cousins had all the latest records and family parties were brilliant.  I remember my parents dancing together too, they loved to show off their best ballroom moves after a few drinks!!

Any excuse or chance I get I'll be up on the dance floor.  My ex-brother in law loved dancing as much as I did and he and I were always the first up - my ex-husband wouldn't dance for all the tea in China.  

Recently, I was out with friends and we ended up at a club where there was a dance floor in the adjacent room to the bar.  My friends just stood drinking at the bar but I grabbed my friend's husband and pulled him to the dance floor and we had a great time.  I was told later that no-one had ever seen him dance before - not even with his wife!!

Some people just need a little coaxing before they'll start moving!!

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10 Responses Mar 6, 2010

You betcha!

haha thanks m2bf - care to shake it with me?

Sweet WIB - you could coax the groove out of anyone - I'm sure!

it's easy to get carried away!!

Oh Saturday night has not even started...must be too much EPing... ;)

haha sylph - well it's late here so I'd make that excuse for you - but I don't think it's so late where you are!!

haha...I am a part of this group...d-uh?!

I should join this group and write a story, too. Been dancing all my life; it's not that I just love it. It is a part of me already. <br />
And yes, a broken leg or an ankle sprain would be the reasons why we will not dance...but there's still the other leg though...and the arms...and the head...and the hips...we can still grind if we want to... LOL

I have to say that I hate being pulled onto the dance floor if I'm not in the mood which does happen although rarely. People who know me should realise that if I was going to dance I would be up like a shot from a gun ... if I'm not - there's a reason - like I have a broken leg or something!! lol

Good for you to pull him to the dance floor...<br />
<br />
I'm trying to pull one right now...he has so many excuses...