It is the talent I was born with. I've taken classes since I was 3, but I've always preferred to just get on the floor and let the music take control of my body.

I've always blamed dancing for my lack of interest in drugs.  It's the best high!!! Nothing can beat it!!!

I actually feel like I'm flying, like I can't feel the floor beneath my feet. Sometimes I wish the whole world were just one big dance floor and the Presidents, Kings , Queens etc. were the DJ'!!!

It's always been my way to connect with people, to remain social. I am a total introvert, but because of dancing I always have an "in". No need to talk when the music is sooo loud!!! Just smile, laugh throw your hands up and let the music take you to heaven! Aaaaaaaah!

Angelmused Angelmused
31-35, F
Mar 12, 2010