Cant Stop... Don't Want To

Its easy for my to daydream, cause i barely sleep. During the day, everything... every noise, every color, every shape, fades around me. And the dreaming begins. to tell the truth, everything i dream o f is so random, it wouldnt make sense to post. The most normal one i guess, would be the constant dream i have of floating in the ocean, then a black hole opens up in front of me and beutiful anime girl comes out, grabs me by the collar and drags me across space so i can have dinner with her. Every dream we have different conversations , about lots of stuff. Weird that thats as close to reality as my dreams get... but i love daydreaming. It gets me away from my nightmare of a life.
IndigoRue IndigoRue
13-15, F
1 Response May 23, 2012

I rarely sleep due to my insomnia, but when I do my dreams are really wack. ;D

Heh really?
How so?