All In Good Fun

Anyone that knows me, knows I can debate. Usually, it's all in good fun, but not always. I can get going. I rarely get mad, just fustrated. I don't have energy to waste on stupid people. If I know I'm right without a doubt, I'll try to show someone the light. I won't expend myself though, unless they are really trying to grasp what I'm saying. If I'm in the mood, I'll definately argue just about anything.
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2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

Debating is a way of relief and a great way to get others opinion in the mix. I love debating. Look at some of my questions some of them get really heated.

Agreed! There is alot of fun to be had in a calm, rational debate. Improves thinking on your feet and critical thinking! Plus it just fits in with my personality.