Public Debating ... Maybe Not The Best Idea

I can debate with anyone about most anything.   The topic important, however in many cases not as important as the act of debating.  I enjoy arguing a point, and have no problem arguing both sides of the same point.  I find it fun.  I enjoy being pushed, challenged, and of course winning.

My favorite debates actually have the same passion as a verbal fight might except unlike a fight when it’s over it’s over no hard feelings.

I was reminded of this last evening as my wife and I were at dinner at one of our favorite local eateries.   We are both pretty strong personalities and both driven professionals.  So when we get into a good debate, there’s lots of passion.  In fact someone observing from a distance might think we were having an all out fight.  And in some cases we are, but find a debate an easier way to work through the issue. 

Apparently last evening we went a bit to far.  Stephanie, our waitress (who knows us well) finally had to step in tell us to knock it off as we were making some other dinners uncomfortable.   ****, not our plan of course!  Felt bad.

Put the debate on pause, finished dinner and then picked right back up without missing a beat as we walked to the car.  I do love a good debate!


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