Echoroamer Reviews - A Good Wireless Av Transmitter For Iphone4(s)



What is the EchoRoamer?

EchoRoamer is a wireless AV transmitter that allows you to transform your iphone's musics, photos, video, games and apps to the TV. It supports nearly all series of iPhone devices. including iPhone 4G/4GS. With the wireless technology of EchoRoamer, you can connect your Apple's idevice to tv and then enjoy the internet tv, such as Youtube, etc. You can also share your iPhone photo/video to the TV with EchoRoamer. It is a cool item that definitely make your iphone life more interesting.



  • Support iPhone 4/4S/iPod Touch.

  • Wireless technology, connect your Apple's device to TV.

  • No WiFi required, real time transmitter.

  • User-friendly, just plug and play.

  • Easy to install.

  • Echo your iphone everything on TV flawlessly.

  • Play Video, Music, Game(even Multi-players) and surf Internet.

  • Charge your iPhone any time like a power bank.

  • Over 6 hours playing after full charged.

  • Over 30 meters indoor use.



  • Support iPhone 4/4S and iPod touch - Wireless technology, smart send and receiver, working great
    with your iPhone 4/4S and iPod touch device.

  • Play videos, support Youtube, Netflix and any other video apps. - With Echoroamer, you can transfer your iPhone 4/4S's videos to the TV.

  • View Photos - Echoroamer allows you to view your iPhone 4/4S's photos easily
    on the TV

  • Play games, support multiple playing. - With Echoroamer, you can put your game screen to the TV and get a larger, more realistic game experience.
    It also support multiple playing mode.


Wireless Mirroring your iPhone to HDTV, enjoy more with your iPhone by this Wireless av transmitter - Echoroamer now!

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Luand Luand
22-25, F
May 14, 2012