Skid Marks In My Underwear

i hated those?  I sometimes could not help it?  My mother would always fuss at me growing up for doing, so.  She would say, why don't you just poop in your pants, instead of just leaving skid marks in your underwear?  Well, then when I pooped in my pants, I would get a whipping, and if I left skid marks, then I would get yell, at!  And, you all know boy or girl, if you did it they would wait till your friends were around and then they would embarass you in front of them or other relatives.  If, your parents didn't do that to you, then God Bless You!  Mine did, and it was hurtful.  But the older I got the worse it had become.  I remember, one time I had just left church, and I thought if i could just squeeze on out without anyone hearing it, all would be fine?  Well, that didn't happen?  What it turned out to be was a "shart", and a wet fart it was, and then I had to **** so bad, that on the way to my home, went from a fart to a shart, to ******** in my pants.  I filled my pants, and it had leaked  out of my underwear, into my clothes.  I didn't get a whipping for this one because I had been sick the week before.  So, I guess, I can say, "I do love to do a wet fart?"

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 26, 2010