Random crazy things are the stuff of pure fun, and also the stuff of truly enlightened living.

Tell me that you can not learn a new thing about the world by standing in a park and pretending to be a tree :D

Or that leaving origami cranes in shopping centres isn't a useful thing.

Randomness, though, is always more fun with two.

Driving backwards around round-a-bouts is so much better when you've got company!
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This is certainly true! Alas, I lack any in my real-life life at the moment. :)

It is most fun to do CrAzY, random things with friends, although you must find friends that are randomly crazy first!

that's okay meggers. i had a friend in middle school who would say random things when people were making out in the hallway like "take it to the ramanda inn" or in the bathroom, "someone has rotten crotch" LOL

Me and a friend of mine would leave strange little found ob<x>jects on a certain wall we walked by often. Little dolls, costume jewelery, toy cars, rubber frogs, whatever we would find in our day`s journey we would put up on the wall. The funny thing thing was, those things were always gone the next time we walked by. We`d laugh and she`d say it was like leaving a bit of happiness for someone else to find. We left some weird stuff up there too...

hahahahahahaha!! <br />
thats hilarious!<br />
if I ever learn to drive, I'm going to do that last one ;)

Of course!!! All of them! :P Although I didn't have a costume for the tree-pretending...

hahaha! have you ever done any of these things?

Ah, a fellow origami master, perhaps we should have a crane battle, ill send one your way now.

Chinese fire drill? Do tell.