I love to do random crazy things!!! Like walking up to someone, poking them in the side, and walking away. Or, I hate awkward silences... so I like to shout things during.. well... any silence, really... I shout things like "BANANA!!" or "TUBESOCK!!!"... or sometimes just burst out in random song.... "I FEEL PRETTY!! OH SO PRETTY!!! THE CAT SAYS BARK, THE DOG SAYS MEOW, THE CURTAIN WENT SQUEAK, CAUSE THE MOUSE SAID WOW!!!"... yeah... fun times, fun times... *sigh*
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11 Responses Jun 20, 2007

The cat was being lazy that day. You should have heard what it told me this morning!! Wow...

That last part wasn't random enough " The cat said " Bark!" ". No the cat said " Snuffle, snuffle slurp!".

:D Haha~!


LOL!!! Wow... :D

I'd comment with something random or crazy, but a pinecone told me I was too eccentric...stupid pinecone.

ROFL! I MUST remember that song! :)

Lol... I'm guessing you have some memory of a similar stunt you've pulled on your mind now, right? :)


Okay, I'll have to check that out, then!

Wow, I like to do that stuff too! Hey, you should check out my videos on YouTube of me doing that kind of stuff! Even better--subscribe to my channel!:<br />
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