Caged Boy

What a wonderful drive up there. Oh the drive, and how I love it. This was a longer than normal drive, but I made the best of it. Some of the times I will make calls, answer mail, crank the radio up, flirt with passing men to keep myself occupied. But a huge amount of the time, I am thinking, reliving, feeling the emotions about what I am doing, where I have been, where I am going.

My mind playing scenes in my head like the old 8mm reel films. Slide by slide. Of the men, the subs, Doms, strangers, friends, lovers. My encounters, experiences. The feelings and realizations of what I am really doing. Where I am going and what will be happening when I arrive flicker through my mind and body as I see the images and recognize the feelings for what they are. Excitement, happiness, nervousness, melancholy, euphoria, amazement, humiliation, strength, weakness and fear.

I thrive on this time. The time before and the time after. Even now today, I am still wired from the encounter. My body a seemingly never ending mass of nerves that are raw and a blaze, reacting to the stimulation of the body and mind.

When I really think about what I am doing, driving to meet a virtual stranger to have an encounter that will be so intense, so dirty, so intimate and at times almost soul bearing, it astounds me really. Who does that? I do. I do it, I relish it. I love that I will do it. I spent so many years not feeding this side of me, that I appreciate it so much more now for what it is. Some I am sure would vehemently disagree with me when I say it is an incredible gift to me. To have the balls to not only know what I want but go after it with such a gusto that I rarely fail at getting it.

I arrived at his hotel and when he opened the door, I felt him, SAW him melt. Mr "I am an alpha, have a lot of responsibilities, cant just submit to anyone, she must be special" man retreated to the back as far as I was concerned. All I saw was a man that needed to be at my feet. Doing my bidding. Being my *****, my pet, my sissy, my ****, my whatever I need.

We sat and talked. I actually felt like I had known him forever. It was one of those kinds of connections. I sat and talked about my experiences in life and how I had come to end up here on this couch in this room with a virtual stranger preparing to do all sorts of wicked things with. He talked about himself and his experiences and his search which has been both frustrating and fruitless much of the times. I knew I could give him what he needed and vice versa. Because make no mistake, I need what he can do for me ever bit as much as he does.

I asked if he had his cage on like a good boy. He said he did, I leaned in to touch him there and see. It seems a demeaning thing to do. I then told him we could start by him undressing. I sat there, eyes dancing and never wavering as he removed his suit jacket, pants, tie, shirt, down to a t shirt and underwear. I moved to the foot of the bed and told him to take the shirt off and leave the underpants on. Now I am wishing I had told him to put the panties on also, instead of the mans underthings. It would have heightened his humiliation and my amusement.

He handed me the key to the cage and I put it in my bra. I had him kneel in front of me where I let him put his head on my chest as I petted him a bit. Comforting him beforehand for the depths of depravity I would make him go to, not only on that night, but for the duration of our relationship. Several times in our encounter and conversations he has said he would suffer for me. I would smile and say, will you? All the while knowing the answer, he would, he will, he will beg to and thank me for it. This I already know. I may not know much, this I am very sure of.

I had him stand and I walked around him inspecting him a bit, raking my fingernails all over him, his arms, back, ***. I asked him if he would trust me to blindfold him and went over the safety words, procedure. Not that I expected him to need that, they never do. But it is better to be safe. Always an element of safety. I blindfolded him and he pouted because he couldn't look at me anymore, which is understandable.

I then had him lay face down on the bed. I went to the goo die bag and took out a few things. I like to see how their body reacts to different things. There is just something about having a man naked, blindfolded and mentally bound to you laying there ready to allow you free reign with their body. The only thing that compares is a Dominant man giving you free reign with their body. Both very intense feelings for different reasons, something for another writing perhaps?

I began to touch his body, to run different things down his extremities and back and then pulled his man panties down to see what was underneath. I told him he had the soft *** of a businessman. As I laughed of course and spanked it. I loved how compliant he was. Such a good boy for me.

I crawled up on the bed and straddled over his back, leaning forward and saying things to him as i lay my **** on his head. Of course I was fully dressed in a sweet looking dress, stockings and heels. I asked him if he could feel the heat radiating from my ***** and asked him how good that felt to have me on him like that. I spent some time with his back and front, trying to put him in that space where he had no idea what was going on and whether I was going to hit, hurt, bite him or lay little butterfly kisses or touch him with something that felt good. I loved biting him. I love leaving my mark as much as I love a dominant man leaving his mark on me.

I had him on his back at one point and was laying in between his legs. I put some warming cream on his bulging balls and alternated blowing and squeezing. I allowed him take the mask off so he could see how close my mouth was to that little cage of his. So close and yet so far away. He was squirming. Moving his hips as I laughed at him. There was a verbal exchange going on almost the whole time in that room last night. Me being me, him being pathetic, sweet and needy.

He asked if he could pee, and I said of course, could he pee with the cage in place. He said he could but would have to pee sitting down. To which really amused me and I said, leave the door open, I could see in there from the mirror on the wall. I think his cheeks almost reddened, I thought you might say that he said. I don't remember what we were saying, but I continued to say degrading, humiliating, sexy things to hims. Taunts, threats, teases....the realities of our dynamic.

I had him sit at my feet on a pillow between my legs and allowed him to touch my feet finally. I had him put his head at the hem of my dress and get my scent. Then a thought occurred to me. He doesn't know what is under there, what he is missing. So I showed him on my phone a few pictures of my beautiful *****. It is hard to torture someone with denial if they do not know what they are being denied, now isn't it? I really delighted in this. Him there between my legs, me looking at the phone and saying things like....oh mmm you should see this, no not that one, hmmm...then laughing. As he squirmed and groaned a bit.

He took first one shoe off and started licking sniffing kissing and rubbing my foot over the pantyhose. I love that feeling. I love shoving my foot into a subs mouth and watching their eyes glazing over in that way that says this is the place for them. I am almost disgusted by myself by how much I love this disgusting act. Feeling the wetness seep into my stockinged feet. Feeling the moisture of his mouth sucking and slurping at my toes, my arch, my heel.

I'm not sure how long this went on. I got up to pee and let him check his phone, removing my stockings before going back out. Leaving everything else on. I sat back on the bed and allowed him to beg to lick my panties. I loved telling him how I hadn't wiped earlier when I peed just to make sure he got an extra little pleasant taste when I allowed him to lick them. What a nasty **** I really am. Nasty and evil. That's how I feel in the middle of one of these sessions. But in a way that is so totally empowering and sexy and arousing to not only me, but them, at the moment, him.

I spread my legs and allowed him to put his face on top of my panties. He proceeded to do that. It felt really good. I was almost instantly ready to ***. The whole thing had me on edge. From the drive all the way to saying the vile things about my panties and what he would be licking. I allowed him the luxury of ordering him to slip one finger, only one, up under the edge of my panties and into my wet, hot mound of *****. He slipped it in and hooked it perfectly so that his fingertip was on THE spot. I came almost instantly. I laid as still as I could, and remained as quiet and collected as I could as the feeling radiated out through my body. I then told him enough and pushed him away, of course making him clean his finger like a good boy. How sweet is that I say to him?

I cant remember exactly what he said, but I do remember he said he couldn't stop thinking of how I described the way my ***** feels to ****, the way its been described to me. He looked up at me from his spot on the floor and with a pleading look in his eyes asked me if it really would ever be possible to **** me. I smiled down at him and patted him and said, there is always hope. It is something to strive for isn't it? He was happy with that answer. Just the hope is all he needs.

I then told him I wanted him to stand in front of me, jack off and *** on my feet. I asked him if he could do that for me. He said I can surely try. Try? I said. hmmmm. Not try. If you cant do it, I will be very unhappy. I am saying all of this as my hand, key in hand poised in front of his **** lock, ready to release him. Its his choice really. Or is it? I told him if he wasn't sure, if nerves would get the better of him, perhaps it would be wise to stay locked up. He said, no please, I really want to try. ok I said, and freed him.

After his **** came out, he wound up getting precum on my leg, I was like, ummm you better lick that up, look at what you did. That happened twice, what a eager boy. I then leaned back and put my feet up, touching him some of the time, some of the time running one foot up one of my legs, moving my legs back and forth, watching him, laughing at him. Finally he was saying, can I *** pleeeasssseeeee. Please can I ***? I laughed and said hmmmm, YES *** for me. *** for me now. And he did. He shot *** all over my feet as instructed.

He was then made to clean my legs up. I allowed him to do this with a towel but informed him as he did that in the future he would have to use his tongue for that. He already knew that though. I then allowed him to lay in the bed next to me and I faced him and intertwined my legs with his as we lay there about five minutes talking. One must always pet their boys a bit after. Especially when they try so hard to please and are so sweet and compliant.

It was time to leave then. I put my stockings and shoes back on. Gave him a brief hug, told him how much I enjoyed it. He gave me a lovely gift and that was the end of another wonderful encounter. I had the whole drive back to relive the encounter and feel those endorphins racing through my body.

I LOVE this stuff. Absolutely love it. Having power over another person like this truly is a wonderful gift. It is one I treasure and try never to take for granted or abuse it in ways that are not sexy, arousing or fulfilling for both sub and I.

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Mmm sounds very nice, you take good care of your sub, very loving dominance.

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