My Legs Were Meant To Stared At By Men

As a transgendered woman I found it so fantastic to watch men trying to catch a glimpse of my legs while I am wearing shorts or a skirt. To sit in a mall, or anywhere, and just cross your legs will catch any man's attention. My legs are long and perhaps a little thick, but they are shapely and tanned. I have caught a lot of younger men looking at my legs especially when I am wearing heels and hose. They just can't help themselves. My boyfriend loves it when I sit across from him and I cross my legs. He is always trying to catch a glimpse. I find it fabulous to cross my legs to get the attention. To double cross my legs is easy and, I find, to be very feminine. Ladies, when we can we should have some fun!
JocelynClaire JocelynClaire
61-65, T
1 Response Aug 4, 2013

Gonna need some photographic proof for the judges.