I Miss My Scanner

I miss being able to show to other people, besides my friends, the drawings and doodles I would make no matter how crappy it is. I love to draw, I love to sketch out my ideas and thought, I love to make little comic strips whenever I have an idea (which is very rare), and I love showing it to others online.

But now my scanner's broken.

I want to color and edit with Photoshop without using other people's lineart. I want to post my works again and see the compliments and the flames that urge me to improve more and more and more... I miss those. I don't miss the spam.

I thought just showing my friends would be okay, but now some of my friends migrated to other countries and I still want to show them my works even if they're far away.

I miss my scanner so very much. 
DaniellaTwist DaniellaTwist
18-21, F
Nov 25, 2010