I Love Drawing And Writing

When I am not too busy studying for university, I love to write and draw. I am currently writing a novel at the moment which I am really enjoying. This novel is not for publishing or sharing though, it is just for my eyes only but writing it up is so much fun and puts me in a fantasy world as I hate reality. I also love writing up my past experiences and my feelings on this site, it lifts up so weight off my shoulders and makes me feel so much better.

As for drawing, that is another activity I love doing when I am not too busy. I have gone onto drawing Pokemon at the moment because I am a massive Pokemon fan (yes, I am a nerd) and I really enjoy drawing the different Pokemon. My challenge is to draw all the origin 150 Pokemon and maybe more but I am no where near finishing that yet. I have a couple of those drawing uploaded onto my EP profile if you want to check them out.
BeautyOfSuffering BeautyOfSuffering
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1 Response May 6, 2012

do you draw nudes? if so I will pose nude and send a pic or live.