I Have A Creative Side To Me

I have always loved to sketch and draw...when I was younger it was little sketches of cartoon animals...With big eyes and cute faces... one summer it was just horses... I filled sketch books with their heads... back ends and full body... prancing or just standing.

I use to ride my bike and find little out of way places take out my sketch pad and quick sketch them... I dreamed of living close to the ocean and selling paintings on the sidewalk... somewhere.
Not a famous artist but just enough to live on and do what I love.

I have draw in pencil...ink and charcoal... one summer I was using an etch-a-sketch and making up castles on distance shores with stairs going up to turrets...

Sometimes when at look at a blank page it tells me what to draw... I guess that is how Michelangelo saw the marble blocks .. the sculpture was already inside he just had to take away what wasn't it.

I also love to write... I can have ideas for books...mostly for teenagers or young children... mysteries to solve or boy meets girl... or even magical ones about learning to fly on my first broom...

The characters come to life and it is like I am telling their point of view...they tell me what to write...I can see them like they are real... and the story mostly writes itself... I only wish I would do this long hand cause I lost at least 3 on the computers over the years when they crashed...sigh.

elderwitch47 elderwitch47
46-50, F
Aug 22, 2012