How to Make a Cartoonist

I started telling stories when I was a toddler. Some were big stories, epics and legends that were on par with Beowulf in length and the viking sensibilities that small children so easily take to. Some were little stories, explaining how utterly impossible it was that it could have been I who took the penultimate and final cookies remaining in the jar.
I didn't get serious about drawing until middle school, but since then I've improved by leaps and bounds. I like drawing my characters and love writing about them, and currently have my sights set on the School of Visual Arts.

To creativity, gents.
MonstrousScholar MonstrousScholar
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2 Responses Nov 7, 2007

wow. How i wish I would be able to see some of your works. bet they're good. XD

Good for you! How wonderful it is to awaken each morning and prepare to go off to a position you like! hooray!