Scribble Scribble Scribble

Hey, how's it going? No wait this is MY story delie.
Well, I have been drawing Technically since I was 3 or 4 years old but in the past few years I have been doing it more seriously (I'm 19 as of now) & I have been trying my Best & working Hard but still getting "drawer's dissatisfaction syndrome" of I think I personally hate it & I am doing better. I want to be competent so soon I could do it to work on my own comic stuff, even if it's personal & only my friends will read it. But I just have A LOT to learn because I still draw anatomically incorrect people, bad perspectives, & my shading just looks like dirt. But at least I am keeping at it & I am at a concrete pace & I Think I am getting better?
The annoying part of drawing & comic stuff is that I met a guy in 7th grade who we become buds & all that, he also drew stuff. But it was just stupid scribbles & dumb stuff like random people badly fighting each other & bad jokes etc. But over time later 8th grade, then 9th grade (yeah same high schools too) he got better & was inspired by ME to draw & do comic stuff. Today I still talk & do stuff with him & he can do really draw of doing full comic stuff, commissions the Whole deal!
So now I feel bad how I got like 15% better over the years, he went from -2% to 96%!!
Ugh...but jealous aside, I WILL get better at drawing!! O__O
[rant over]
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Jul 26, 2010