Finding My "voice"

I'm kinda confused on what my style is and how to do things. I haven't gotten inspiration lately, and I hope to o a comic book for fun. Im 14, but I really want o improve. I need to work on perspective, backgrounds, panels....

Im trying to get 3 or 6 levels above mine. Do you Frankenstein your influences style, until it becomes yours? Im just trying to see how I improve my work, find a "voice", and get inspiration. I have ideas, but none of them seem solid, and need development. So, experienced artists, how did u find your voice and style? How did u improve, ven when inspiration was low and u didnt feel in the mood to draw each day?

I want to work outside my element of animals and people, into buildings, landscapes, etc, for comic books. How do u keep interested when learning to draw these things?
Mochakat Mochakat
13-15, F
Sep 5, 2012