Drawing Drawing Drawing!!!!

my life is all about art and sketching and drawing.
i guess its hereditary. lol.....my dad knows to draw and so do i.
i never went to sketching or any art classes but i used to just draw and all my friends loved all my drawing.
once, i wanted to join a drawing class which let the students learn a lot and in the end of course the best student would get into the leading university with full scholarship.
i badly wanted to join but it was 1200$.
god!!! dad said nope!!so did mom.
i was angry at first but couldn't do anything without money. my friend suggested to start drawing class.
i wasnt sure but i thought why not give it a try.
i drew the handout posters and sadly no one turned up for 5 days.i lost hope and was about to drop the idea.but surprisingly 20 kids came with their parents and wow!!!it was amazing!!!
i learnt a lot from those kids!!!my god!!!i just loved them.....
i decided to give up the dream of going to an university and all and continue my studies and also teach the small kids a little about art and also spark the interest in them!!!
i do not want people to think im too old and all..
im just 20...:)

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so do you want to draw people? I would do any pose, with or without clothes. for you and take a pic for you to draw

:D That sounds awesome! I am also 20 and I love drawing too, but I know I'll never be able to make a living off of my artwork. Still, I will always keep it as a hobby, even though I've cut down on drawing and painting a lot.
That must be so rewarding to teach children to draw :D Where was your drawing class held? And how exactly did you start it up? It sounds like such a great idea! :D

i started taking classes in the garage.later one of the kids parent lent out her old garage which is quite spacious and cool and shady...:):):):):)
it take a lot of time to get this thing started and yup manage those kids...:)...
once u start the class u gotta learn to be soo patient u know!!:)