Not So Bad After All.

I used to draw quite a bit when I was younger but I didn't think I was very good so I would never show anyone my drawings.  Years later I still have them, when we moved as we were unpacking we were getting rid of things we no longer needed and my kids came across my drawings and they thought they were great.  I have a drawing of their dad as a young man they just loved it and have insisted that I hang it up.  I have to admit I like seeing those old drawings again and I thought they were pretty good to for kid.

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5 Responses Mar 21, 2009

little, I am inspired, I don't know why I didn't think of that!!!! lol

I like to just cover-up the ears with hair and put a hat on the subject so their eyes are hidden in shadow, or by the brim/peak! :P Cheating? ...Well that depends what your doing the drawing for in the first place. I find the whole human face very difficult to draw, epecially as facial ex<x>pressions can be so subtle. I don't practice a lot though.. practice (with effort) is the key I think.

"drawing only eyes and ears" Well that is the best way to learn, isolating your weakness until you master it.<br />
<br />
Nurture this self ex<x>pression, gift of yours. I hope to see some of your work here!

well, right now I spend my spare time doodling. I've always had trouble drawing eye's and ears so I have been drawing only eyes and ears lately! it's kind of creepy, but in a funny kind of way. maybe I'll post a picture of one of my eyes or ears, so you can offer some feedback on my talent or lack, there of. lol I do find it relaxing, but it takes me somewhere else, I lose track of time. I can block out a tornado when I am drawing. I do so enjoy it. I'm thinking about taking a class.

Are you drawing again now? <br />
I would love to see your drawings, whether they are recent or old ones.<br />
I love to draw too. It's a therapy for me.. focuses my mind and keeps me in the present. ~and you don't need to be 'technically' good for that anyway. Just enjoying it and concentrating is all it takes too get that from it.