Dreaming Opens of a World of Possibilities

Whenever I dream, i just feel as free as can be, no matter what the dream is. Most often I'm either flying, riding horses, or saving the world. But the best part about dreaming, is when you realize you are dreaming, because then, you are in a world without limitations. You can do absolutley ANYTHING. Dreaming can take the stress out of everyday life, and replace it with inspiration. My many and wild dreams are often the source I turn to when i write my novels (yes, I'm a writer, and I'm coming out with two books very soon). Being a writer is the best job in the world, because, you actaully get paid to dream or daydream.


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Yeah, dreaming is like a mystical power. You can actually use conscious thought to make your best dreams come true. I can actually dream my own future. It's weird, I'll go into a situation feeling intense deja vu, and then I suddenly remember "oh yeah, I dreamed this," and then everything happens exactly like in the dream; same place, same people, same thing happens. Only, if something bad happened in the dream, I can avoid it in reality. And it's not just your dreams while you're sleeping, your conscious feelings have mystical powers too. By having a conversation with someone, you can connect with them on a psychic level (much like you can sink into a movie, and the television screen becomes your world); you can feel what they feel, and know just when to say what and how to say it. In the same sense, you can use your imagination to feel the world around you, and determine what you should be doing in order to accomplish your goals. EG: I'm hungry. Immediately a burger comes to mind. My brain argues that I should stay here and eat another apple, and make ramen. I don't need to spend money, I already have food. But come to think of it, I need protein and B vitamins. A burger and some fried chicken strips will give me the energy I need to work today. My first instinct was the healthier one. Just like 4 out of 5 times, your first instinct on a test question is the right answer.<br />
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I have dreams of myself growing taller and being happy, going to the gym, cleaning my apartment, and getting laid. In other dreams my apartment is a complete mess, I have poor nutrition, I don't exercise, and I become super lame and insecure, and have to go home and hang out with my parents after dropping out of school. Specific incidents in these dreams have actually happened since.<br />
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This one time I dreamt of having unprotected interracial sex in North Eastern Africa, only instead of the harsh, unforgiving desert, there were trees, and hills. This tall black chick was traveling away from her lush, warm home down south, and a shorter white dude came across her in his field of crops. One thing led to another, and they slept together that night in this dude's cottage. I'm pretty sure I was dreaming the distant past, thousands of years ago. It was vivid and real, and I got the sense that it actually happened, like the dreams I have that actually come true.<br />
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Another time I had a dream that the whole world was covered in water, and the last of us were floating around in a shiny white ship which started to feel more and more like prison. I remember feeling really old, bored, and hopeless, like it was the end of the world, and I saw an orange-red sun setting over the ocean, and then it was freezing and rainy, we were sick and hungry, and we all missed the smell of Earth, plants and animals, and the freedom of living on land. <br />
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I believe people like Tolkien had similar visions of the past and the future. But the definite future is impossible to see, not because you can't see the future, but because a definite future doesn't exist; only a definite past is possible. Time is like an infinite number of strings all being woven into one string; until whatever is going to happen happens, anything else could also happen. So you can't know for sure what the real future will be before it happens, but you can take a look at potential futures by meditating, dreaming, using mathematics, or taking drugs, and you may see some of your visions actualize, especially if you want them to. I definitely have, especially since I ate that gram of shiny gold mushroom stems in video film class last year. Once you realize the connection between your feelings, dreams, and consciousness, and reality, then you can learn to succeed at everything you try without even thinking about it, like you're playing a video game you've already beaten. You can use your ability to dream, awake or not, to make your life awesome, and spiritually connect with the world. It's fun, try it. <br />
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Before you go to bed tonight, just think to yourself "I'm going to dream about something good, and that dream is going to come true."<br />
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It actually works. I may be high on cannabis, but I'm not lying. Dishonesty is for the weak. I have reached enlightenment, and I'm here to tell you a relieving, convenient truth; true happiness is easy to find, and I'll tell you exactly where; it's between your belly button and your sternum. That's where happiness comes from. Keep it flowing, and try not to damage your body or your brain, or get confused. Don't get worried, or angry, or feel bad in any way. Just feel that joyful bliss radiating from your solar plexus, and use it to make the right decisions, and have happy dreams. Do what feels right.<br />
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Happiness + Awareness + Work = Success

is it so rare to smell,sweat,feel wind,smell grass,the woods,hear water breathe under water,dream in color.i thought everyone dreamed in color,i dream as real as you are living your life right now

thats wonderful! im so glad others like me can dream so vividly

Are you sure you are not me? I agree with you all the way! <br />
I remember one dream when I could physically feel my muscles working and my hair blowing in the wind as I was running through a meadow. I was the horse, not riding it. That same dream I was soaring over the earth as a hawk and felt my wings flap.

I've read only one book in my whole life and that was because I was forced to for english class but I would really love to read your books.