I Live In My Dreams

 I Dream all the time ... i love to day dream ... especially about being  in the wrestling industry . ..and of course seeing Jake again ... I have so many different scenarios as to how it happens ... Some times i go to Iowa and make a myspace and get ahold of him there Or Im there doing a house show and get in contact with him ..The only thing that is  going to be hard is that this time around  im a christian which means i cant give in to my desires but really  its alot more than that ... I just loved everything about him .. The way he spoke , looked at me , his sense of humor , His eyes ... i focus on them  vividly in my mind ... He just left  such an impact on my heart when i think of him like i am right now it takes my breath away . how much i would love for him to know this... but he will one day because God will  reunite us .. I have that faith in my heart .  I just have to be patient

starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
26-30, F
Mar 19, 2007