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Im Hiding In My Dreams.

A hidden world where you can live out your subconcious disiers and just escape for a little while. A world where literally anything is possible, and it no longer matters what time it is, because in a dream you never feel out of place. You're exactly where your supposed to be. Your mind is open and thoughts are playing out for you to see. The only place where you can be with that one person who makes your heart jump forever. Sometimes I go to bed extra early, and try my hardest to fall asleep, just because even if it's a nightmare, I'd rather be there than here. Here in this twisted world. Everyone has a secret. I once heard an interview of a woman with some deathly disease. The interviewer asked her "Whats it like to wake up, and know that you're dying ever day?" and the woman simply answered "Whats it like to wake up everyday and pretend you're not?"

This world isn't right anymore. And no atter how crazy your dreams are, they still feel sane, and nice. Im tried of being awake, so Im going to basically stalk my dreams from now on. I usually sleep until 2 pm when i can, just to experience another dream. I loe the craziness, and i love the randomness. I love getting what i never can in real life, and i love to dream. Nobody can see me there. Thats where i go to let it all go, and just be me.

reemus reemus 16-17, F 3 Responses Dec 31, 2010

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I understand. This is a description of how I feel about dreaming. Even when I'm awake I'm dreaming of something other than reality. On a different note, dreaming can be more real than reality, if you know what I mean.

that was almost like poetry, the dreaming world "even wen its like you said random and chaotic" its perfect, no matter what, great discription

I understand what you mean. Whenever I'm sad, or upset, I just sleep. Sleep and enter into a better world.