I Love To Dream

i dont always remember my dreams but its this weird feeling of knowing i had one, no matter what the dream was about, if it was good or bad, its this feeling of just being in a diferent world, feeling defferent experiance that even tho they arent real they sure feel real and especially just being a different me. i hate waking up, the way i feel in a dream, wheather its a terrifying or just plain wanferful, its like theres different rules to the world in their, ive learn to control them somwhat and i can turn an average dream into a fantasy of flying or being super human, or just being someone eles. i just wish i could live in my dreams
coltsfan93 coltsfan93
18-21, M
3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

so then i realized that i could never be with him. he is too good for me i dont deserve him.. as im struggling to kick him out of life, i regain the balance

thats right. in my dream im always with my bf. he is sooo sweet i love his talent sooo much and want to be with him foever. truth is i never had a chance to be with him

right now iam terriblly hungry... my energy all running out feeling flimsy... i have uncontrollable thoughts. dizzy and want to eat a cow