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being dressed and as feminine as possible,has always just felt right.since i was a kid it has been comforting for me to dress and be feminine,as a teen a girl that i dated told me that i was more feminine then she was,that i was more interested in clothes and make up,as we played dress up one after noon,hanging out.after she had put make up on me i wanted to try on the dress she was wearing,we undressed facing each other,she took of her bra as i took down my pants and we were both standing there in panties,after about ten seconds,she put her bra on me ,got a robe and stuffed the bra ,and zip me in the dress Once dressed she told me i was more of a girl then she was.latter i figured she wanted something to happen between us

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As young persons we don't always know what we are supposed to do. I know I missed a few opportunities because I was naive. I know now though that I'm a fish out of water when I have to be in male guise and a natural woman when I can dress in the styles I feel most comfortable in. And it's a real comfort. It's as if, yes, this is me, this is who I am, this is how I want the world to see me. I'm sure most women who take their femininity somewhat for granted if they think about it, will affirm this. There is just something you know when you know your a woman.

Very sweet story

i would love to find someone to play dressup with

and did something happen? you end your story with a "later" so was there ? it sounds like a great 1st time

I too think we share common interests. Lets share!

lovely,sue. thank you. maryroberta.

Thanks for sharing your fabulous girlie experience<br />
Hugs<br />

Just being ourselves.

it's nice to be girly isn't it

Lovely story. Thank you for sharing it.<br />
<br />
Claire xx