Yes Yes Yes I Do

My wonderful and generous wife prefers that I be the lady of the house, her little sissy tinkerbell.  I am so lucky that I get to dress and be as feminine as possible! Oh YES I just love it so much!!  I love being ultra feminine, wearing bras and panties every day, nighties to bed and various other ladies wear during the week.  She tells me not to be shy and admit how much I love being her soft, girly, sissy.  I simply love having a panty drawer full of frilly satin and lace panties!  There is nothing better than adorning myself in a skirt and blouse with heels and stockings.  I love it so much I really would like her to show me off and let me model my sexy lingerie for others. I would strut and prance in front of them in my most sexy and feminine lingerie. I would admit my love of being a sissy and tell everyone how perfect my love life is!  We have intercourse just the right amount, practically never! I give oral pleasure just the right amount, always! And it is always an earned priviledge to rub my girly nub.  Look at me everyone, I am such a prissy sissy lick toy! I love to be as feminine and pretty as possible for my wife!  Because I truly love it this way and only want to be more and more feminine!!!

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2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Raeka is right, your wife is a special person. I hope she takes you to new levels and maybe someday you can be her lil cucky girl. How heavenly!<br />
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Your wife is a keeper. You are a lucky dog! Keep the femme going.