Going Out Dressed

Going out in public dressed for the first time is scary and makes one very nervous. However at the same time it makes us very excited also, even just thinking about it makes us very excited. It can take weeks, months and even years to build up the courage to go out in public dressed. To be out in public dressed is exciting as mentioned but its also an accomplishment, and a goal that many of us who crossdress have. To be out in public dressed makes one feel so alive and so happy. It gives one more confidence after having gone out in public dressed. There are many levels of going out in public dressed. It can be daytime or nighttime, many start at night as there are less people and its less obvious, sometimes it just a drive around the block in your car, or even a walk around the block or through a park. Going to a gas station and filling up at a pay at the pump. It can be even just sitting outside at home dressed. These are all first experiences that help to build up the courage and confidence to go out more dressed in pubic. Having a wife that accepts and understands that you crossdress makes it much easier to venture out in public if she is ok with that. Many wives who accept crossdressing like to keep it only at home, yet others like exploring and venturing out in public dressed together. If you have met with others who crossdress in person, dressing together and going out in public together can also be a good way to venture out in public, as with anything one seems to have much more courage and confidence when a friend is along. Luckily my wife loves that I crossdress and we often go out in public dressed, to movies, bars, parks and even to dinner. We try and stick to the places that are usually not lighted the best, like bars, movie theaters, and walking around a park at night. Sticking to these places lets me blend in much more and helps me feel more relaxed. Even know I am with my wife I still feel that nervousness each time. Going out with me dressed up is not something we do all the time, its something we do occasionally. So whether you are going to venture out dressed with your wife or girlfriend, another crossdresser or by yourself taking the step forward to going out dressed in public is a very liberating feeling and it does get easier each time. Check out our profile for more about us.
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May 14, 2012