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Dressing Is What I Do ,i Am A Normal Straight Male

I love dressing as a woman. I have dressed since i was 9 or 10 yrs old in secret. I came out when i was 18 to my girlfriend who is now my wife. We have been together for 38yrs , married for 36yrs. I am 56yrs old. I told others acouple years later. I started going in puplic about the sametime. My hair is long , i have 6 piercing in each ear. I keep my toenails painted ,  usually red. I get dressed acouple times aweek. We go shopping to many different stores. I love  wearing short blue jean skirts or to the knee. I like knee-high boots . High-heel boots are my favorite. I love pantyhose any style or color . I do not look good in dresses. Skirts can be worn with any kind of tops and shoes. I not do dress completely as a girl( no make-up or falsies) in the summer. I do wear girls clothes . Spaghetti-stap tops and spaghetti-strap short dresses over jean shorts and flats are my favorite in the summer. I style my hair and wear my earrings. I do wear hose  or tights if it is not to hot out. We go to alot of yard sales and flea-markets without problems (yet). I buy what i want. I have around 60 pairs or more of shoes and boots . I also have around 80 pairs of pantyhose and still buying . I love them.....
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 7 Responses Jan 4, 2011

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That is awesome. I wray my high heeled boots out all the time but usually under jeans. I haven't had any problems yet either but I haven't worked up the bravery to go out dressed top the extent you do. Plus though my wife had no problem with me dressing she tends to be a bit of a worrier and that tends to put some limitations on me at the moment.

I really enjoyed reading your story. So great that you feel free to dress as you want. Your wife sounds wonderful. My best to both of you.

Wow, very nice. No guilt what a lovey thing!

wow..60 pairs of shoes?'re as bad as

Shoes and pantyhose is my drug of choice now.Alot better than what my choice use to be.I'm still buying shoes and hose.

I've been serious about dressing completely - wig, makeup, etc and going out for a number of years. My wife has NO idea so it is now difficult for me to do that, since she is no longer working a job. I've had several funny things happen - like having a brand new elastic-waist band skirt start slipping down on me, right in the middle of a busy intersection as I was crossing! I heard a few "Get the Hxxx off the street, lady" type comments. Lesson learned? No elastic-waist skirts for me!<br />
Jean Marie

Wow I'm not into the tuck and stuff of body forms or wearing bra and shaving my mustache and goatee but I love to wear dress and skirts and eye make up and not for sexual pleasure

Nice story Cindylou. There are a lot of us straight, cross dressing guys here with accepting wives. Good to hear your story