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My Dressup Story.

I am a boy, i wear girls dresses at home. no one knows about it. one day my aunt come to my home and see me with a skirt and top with earring and bangels. she asked me what is this? i feel shy and say her that i wear dresses at home. then my aunt ask me to come with her. we both reached at her house. her daughter is my classmate. she saw mw with girls dresses and laugh a lot. then aunt and her daughter make me dress with a black capri and a white tube top. make my hair ponytail. her daughter make my eyebrow.  then makeup me with some face powder, Pink Blush, Eye liner, Fake Eye Lashes, Mascara, Lip gloss. She wore me a hoop earring and ankel bracelet. make my hand and toe nails with rainbow nail color. then give me a strappy sandals to wear. after all Aunt take a lot of pic of mine. then we three went to a resturant for a Lunch.
lizaranid lizaranid 22-25, T 42 Responses Jan 8, 2012

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I bet you looked absolutely stunning hun. xox

You are so lucky to have and auntie like her.


You have a fantastic family! Love them all with what you have!!

You're so lucky to have such understanding relatives, hun. xox

Lucky to have such a wonderful Aunt!

is it true?

Aw! That's so sweet!

that was sweet & loving.

Sounds great, Aunties always know best.

Souns like too much fun!

You must have loved all the attention!

Now that was sweet.

is this true?

Nice at least they were accepting of you.

that is so so beautiful - thank u

thats a great support...add me..

lovely, how long ago was that ? have you been out in public since ?

<p>That would be so much fun to go out as one of the girls...;-)</p>

very lucky girl, and you do look like a very hot girl!

hreat story sweety /kisses

Lucky you.

What a lovely day you must have had. Did your aunt and cousin dress you up on other occasions?

What a nice story to read =) i guess you feel happy now and free..I mean you don't need to hide anymore.I wish you all the best in the future and may all you're dreams come true =)

Congrlation you are gradulated... Please add me, I also want to learn from you

love the story love to see your photos pls add me

lovely i wish i was you

u must be enjoying in class now lovely

What a stunning lady!

I wish I could come out of the closet- but I don't have the strength- some might say I am working on it

You look very hot! I am jealous, and wish I could come out of the closet. Please consider an add for me. Thanks for sharing! I would go out if I was passable, maybe with some help from someone someday and I can connect with my inner girly! P.S. I already have my own heel collection and a black training corset!

It is great that you have an understanding supportive aunt and niece.<br />
<br />
It is wonderfully exhilarating feeling feminine. Wouldnt it be wonderful to be in the right body. <br />
<br />
Cheers,<br />
<br />

That seems an interesting experience...

very nice story

I made the decision 7 yrs ago and I not embarrassed its just a case of feeling ok with who u r

I made the decision 7 yrs ago and I not embarrassed its just a case of feeling ok with who u r

I made the decision 7 yrs ago and I not embarrassed its just a case of feeling ok with who u r

we should never be afraid to be who you are

Ohh Liza, such a lovely story Steffi xx

Can I see some of your sexxxy pics??

Wow thats so cool thanks for sharing