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Dress At My Girlfriend's Home

1 year ago, one day my mom tell me to bring some potato from nearest shop. in that time i was in a pink frock. My mom do my hair a ponytail. and wear me some kajal in my eyes and give me a pink ladies sandals to wear. when i was about to reach at that shop, my girl friend saw me in dresses. she come to me and ask what is this? i tel her all about. she laughed a lot, and tell me i look so beautiful with girls clothes. The next day she call me to come to her home. At afternoon i reached at her home. she introduce me to her mom. then we both go to her room. She give me her red gown to wear, i refused her. then her mom come to me. they both dressed me and makeup me. she give me her Cat walk Sandals. and we three are go for a shopping. i enjoyed it with my girlfriend.
lizaranid lizaranid 22-25, T 7 Responses Jan 15, 2012

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WOW, great story!!

What an accepting environment you live in: your own mom, the people in the shops, your gf and her mom too!

sounds awesome

Why did you refuse. It is wonderful your gf offered you her red dress.

wow, girls friend's red gown................ very nice , do you feel somuch that time?????


it was nice of them to do this with and to you so now you can be your girly self