My Life

For the last 15 or so years that's been a major part of my life. Several nights a week and a weekend day I wake up and shower and close shave, touching up my legs as well, and then I lay out my makeup and clothes and sit in front of a mirror putting on makeup. I love doing it, it's very calming to me as I go throughg the steps, foundation first, eye shadow base, then loose powder. Next is my eyes, I do my eyeliner first as it's the most likely thing to screw up, then put on a palette of eyeshadows with brushes, pencil in my sparse plucked brows, and finally curl my lashes and brush on several coats of black mascara, combing through them after.
I then brush on Peter blush in several shades to bring out my cheekbones, and lastly pencil my lips and put on lipstick with a brush.
My hair goes on next, brushed out just right, then my three sets of earrings go in my piercings.
I dress next, bra and panties always, and maybe stocking or hose if it's cool out, then whatever clothes I'm wearing depending on where I'm going.
I put on some other jewelry, neck and wrist chains and rings, and then slip into my high heels, generally dress sandals in warm weather to various boots when cooler.
My toenails are always polished but finally I sit at my table and polish my fingernails, several coats followed by a quick dry clear coat. And then I check myself in the mirror, listen at my door to make sure my son isn't in the hall, and then grab my purse and quickly walk downstairs and right out into my van hoping the neighbors aren't looking out (though I suspect they've seen me before. And I drive away immediately and once down the block I calm right down and am fully in my female mode.
Where I go depends on when I'm out, if it's daytime I usually go to some straight restaurant bars locally where I know some of the people and at night I'm either meeting someone for a date or going to my regular club.
On weeknights I'm generally out early and stop at a regular bookstore to suck some ***** before starting the evening, and on weekend days after I have lunch and a few drinks I'll head over to my regular sex club to suck a lot of *****.
This is my life, and I love it.
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