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Home from work, can't wait to shed my boring clothes and go through the process of becoming someone sexy and exciting! Looking forward to getting smooth, padding around in my stockings, putting on some boots, zipping up into a tight dress, pulling out my makeup and brushes and putting extra care and attention into feminizing my face. Foundation, eyelashes, liner, shadow, blush and finish off by filling in my lips with a nice dark lipstick. I'll try on a few different wigs, but am thinking one with bangs.
Allisonvamp Allisonvamp 36-40, M 6 Responses Nov 2, 2012

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I just wish I never had to change out of my lovely feminine clothing to do anything in public

Sounds like a familiar weekend routine..;-)

Mmmmmm that sounds wonderful.

As soon as I get home today I'm going to get out my silk stockings, garters, sexy strappy high heels, tight dress and shoulder length red wig. You inspire me

sounds like a very familiar routine !!!!!!

Like your thoughts, I did this also. Love wearing a wig with bangs so sexy


Shoulder length with straight bangs across front reaching to eyebrows

But, what about the rest? Clothing, makeup, shoes? I need to know!

Favorite outfit for slutty look is liquid silver tights, black mini, silver lame blouse thigh high boots

Wow, sounds awesome!

Everything is wonderful!!!! I have a vision of a beautiful lady when all is complete. Your rating would be a - 10!

I have to agree with you Allison your beautiful

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