Going All The Way.

Why would I want to stop at just wearing womens clothes? Seems perfectly reasonable to want to remove all my masculine hair, apply make up, feminise my hair, teeter around in high heels and wear pretty jewellery, doesn't it? Well, the first time I went all the way, I was only 14 years old. My sister had lots of clothes which I had tried, but this time, I shaved my legs and under my arms. There was no other hair to remove really, so I applied some moisturiser to my legs and painted my toe nails a delicious scarlet red, and while they dried, I shaped my eyebrows with tweezers. My attempt was quite good for a novice and my eyebrows were high and arched just like my sisters and so I moved onto my hair. Heated rollers were used to give me curls and a pretty bounce to my hair and I must admit, I was starting to look and feel really girly. Next came a bra and knickers set, hold up stockings and beautiful 4" sling back heels. I then slipped into an above the knee redsilk shift dress pulling the back zip right up to the top and I sat down at the dresser to apply make up. I had tried bits of make up in the past, but this time, I went all the way, foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, lipliner, lipstick and finally a spray of perfume onto my wrists and to the kneck. I looked in the mirror to see a very pretty young girl staring back in awe. I stood up, looking at myself in the mirror as I sashayed up and down the bedroom in the ost feminine walk I could manage. The heels hekoed and I took small steps and tried to wiggle my hips a little. I saw my sister's jewellery box and took out a pretty little heart knecklace, put it on and clipped some long dangling earrings into place. I snapped a little feminine watch onto my wrist
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There really is nothing wrong with wanting to wear women's clothes. I have gradually built up a feminine wardrobe so I don't spoil my wife's clothes. She sometimes buys something for me but most of my purchases are from ebay. Working at home with my wife today, taping up her clothing sales for posting - I am wearing pink satin frilled panties under a zip-front swimsuit, a black satin body slip with a mesh back, black satin short-sleeved blouse, a real leather knee-length black skirt with gorgeous lining, opaque hold-ups and pvc knee high black boots with 3-inch heels. It always makes my wife smile if I have a little stumble carrying the stock through to the kitchen but we're so happy together! Black for a Monday, I think it will be my slinky new red dress with strappy heels tomorrow - I'll wait and see what she suggests as I like to dress for her pleasure and mine of course ;-)

When I was 14 i was raped by my neighbor. He made me his girl. I am 47 and enjoy being dressed and used like a woman still!

Keep going. Dare to go out. Show the world that you are proud to dress the way that you like.

I just wish it was acceptable for a man to wear women's clothing...... women can wear clothing made for a man and nothing is ever said about it

then you just gotta do it once you do step out of your comfort zone you won't go back again I have gone out crossed dressed numerous even wearing heels in skinny jeans lots of times I have worn a skirt out in public a few times but not that practical for me to wear since I am usually riding a bike a lot of the time when it is warm outside. the first time I wore a mini skirt in public was at night and this old woman told me that I looked nice and pretty which was a first for me.