Gender Change In Asia Faster Than Speed Of Changing A Bulb

Gender issues changing in Asia or the the whole world for more & more happening

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I am just bringing this to all concerned living in the same environment of pride week at university campus since I am taking an elective course as well for my career.

If one is alone & feeling too much pressure than try changing the school of thought at early age rather than as me in late 30’s as pass time hobby until one's situation improves dramatically.

Remember there are number of reasons why people attempt changing school of thought. Remember you are in University where there is only so much time once can spend in outside environment during winter or without a car to be mobile! Otherwise there is always Florida to visit with the compromising pay check for University tuition fees in consideration. Just kidding studies first of all else.

Utilize the time given to all very efficiently & wisely yet productively in whatever one is
Attempting whether working out in gym's or passing that difficult exam. Everyone is
created "equal" to accomplish difficult situation in life. I was un-employed for great number of months before getting re-hired took place finally. I needed something productive as alternative hobby & different from the norm to begin with so I discovered CDS-ing in Ontario.

My story for cds-ing a long tale of one's major steps in life from university student to feeling homesick in university. To number of economic factors & other personal reasons of let’s say for example being a "geek on campus" per say. But hey that’s another day to discuss let’s focus on you. Shall we, its pride week & we all need a break from stereo typical personality but then again we all reside in North America or Canada where what is stereo typical personality & what is considered the norm? SO one shall respect all types of humans as I discovered while in university I was also stereo typical but that was a long time ago in a different time zone yet same generation FLEX(ible).
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I want to know more.
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