A Woman Within Me

i just had a hot bubble bath and shaved all over to a very smooth body that feels like silk. I started by putting on satin thongs and bra and donned a pair of tan shimmery pantyhose that felt so good sliding up my smooth legs and ***. I push my tesicles up inside me in their lil pouch and push my penis back inside and pull my thongs tightly to give me the perfect look of a vagina and pull the waist of my hose up to fit snug thru my freshly made lips of my vagina.i slipped my feet into a pair of stillettos and anklebracelet . looking in the closet for my little black dress that is very short on the thighs and shows alot of cleavage. after squeezing into a form fitting dress that hugs all my sexy curves and fits like a second skin , i move to my vanity and paint the most gorgeous face and line my lips and the feel of the creamy lipstick and the flavor of my lip gloss making my lips wet looking . Curl my lashes and add mascara and eyeliner , with my eyeshadiow done ina smoky look, i look in the mirror at a hot sexy blonde with the most perfect body, and almost pass out from sheer bliss and excitement. I finish up with my hoop earrings and a splash of perfume. I style my long blonde hair and as i just finish , the doorbell rings. OMG, its my best friend, he was supposed to go out of town. Should i open the door ?
tssabrina tssabrina
26-30, T
5 Responses Feb 25, 2012

Ohhh so feminine !'

It would be so hard to not open the door, I'm just WAITING for my wife to go to work and I'm gonna get dressed myself

sweet yopen and tell us alll your exper..

Open the door !!!

I wud lov to knock on your door at this time.