I'm Bi-gendered And When I Dress Fem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I have recently I have discovered that I'm Bi-gendered ,,,,But Before i discovered that I have basicly cross dressing sence my early teens
in my case it started because of crush i had on my own Mom. 
 and the first article of clothing i wore was her silk night gown the kind with the stagetti straps and bare back and floor leignth.
and of course like some on here I could share how sexy my Mom was for someone in her late 30's early 40's,,
  how that she stood about 5-5 ,,110 pounds,,lovely 34 C breast 28 inch waist long slender arms and legs. Size 9/10 dress.
I mean what young boy just entering in to puberty would find any lady looking that sexy find themselves crushing on them.?.
even if it was their own Mom.
   Well I guess the best i can remember after wearing her to bed a few times i started to try on a few of her dresses and at some point anther
was when i also started to exsperament with her make up too.
  And then one evening after i was all dress in one of my Mom's dresses and applied the make up to the best of my abilities
when i looked in the mirror and for some reason at the monment for the first time I saw myself and i do not know why I haven't in the past
But,,  the Person stairing back at me from the mirror was to me a very sexy and alluring young lady one to whom i knew i could fall in love with
I mean she looked like my idea girlfriend how she wore her make up the way she was dressed how sexy her eyes were.
  And I think that when i was hooked and there was no turning back it was set i would spend the rest of my life wearing female clothing and make up.
and bring to  why i'm here for me it has gotten to the point in which wearing female clothing and being dress as a female and being female
  Is just natural to me as breathing I can not see me living any other way.
The way i act once dressed as a female is night and day how i act when dressed as a guy.
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well sence because of work and constraints from my family <br />
plus with my not running and not sure how I be able to get it running.<br />
Plus thank to economy and losing my previous job and only being to work<br />
at job where i'm unemployed and only working min hours for min pay.<br />
make it hard to give TinaLynn a life of her own.

hi, lovw your story. I feels so good to be dressed as a womans doesn't it. I love my fememine self beter than my male one.

I once had a Bi girlfriend and she liked to dress me like a girl and I never knew how hot I looked in a mini until then http://s1149.photobucket.com/albums/o598/Smoothpackage/The%20weard%20side/?action=view&current=0408200719.jpg<br />

I hope you understand there is a difference between a being Bi-sexual and be-gender?????
Because if you read my story very carefully
you understand the difference.