On The Stage

I have played many roles in amateur theatre, Newspaper editor, Indian, Butler, has-been-vaudeville actor, Priest etc. All of these have been men. Now I would like to take on the role as a woman. The idea really appeals to me. I am to old to prortray a sexy broad but a middle aged woman would be fine. Maybe a house wive, saleslady, manicurist, nurse. I don't know exactly how to start and would welcome some advice. This would not have to be on the stage, maybe with real people.
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70+, M
2 Responses Apr 6, 2012

I have just finished playing Harry Brock in Born Yesterday. It was great fun. I haven't had the opportunity for a female role yet. Perhaps later this year I can. I am too old to play a sexy broad role. Perhaps a Madam in a bawdy house.Or some other old broad role. I enjoy writing to you. What have you been up to lately?

i was brought up as a girl,along with my 4 sisters,i did love wearing dresses..later on i took part in some local plays...nice legs, and a slender body, i truly loved playing girl parts and as such, iv'e always worn panties,and as i grew older,a training bra,topping out at a b-cup...personal choice...may the best grace you!